Sunday, June 22, 2008


This lovely cotton yarn has finally transformed into a fine summer garment called Jasmine. Speaking of the yarn, I was surprised that it was such a pleasure to knit with because I usually find it less fun to knit with cotton. This was, however, quite easy to work with – a cooperative yarn, so to speak! (Though, of course not as cooperative as wool!) Another great thing, which definitely made my spirits rise was that there were no knots at all and it didn’t split. Two great qualities that make me want to use this yarn again.

The pattern was very detailed (pretty Rowan-like) and easy to follow, only one or two minor errors that weren’t hard to figure out. So, nothing to complain there.

There were lots of ends to weave in as this is not knitted in the round, definitely a drawback in knitting flat. I’m still not convinced what is best; knitting in the round or flat. I tend to think that the latter will leave you with the best result but I actually haven’t knit a sweater in the round - only for a child. (Think I have a future project here!) I’ve read and heard lots of pros and cons of both. Some say that a sweater will tend to twist a little when knitted in the round but then again, that’s a question of how the yarn is spun, right? Also, I’ve seen so many beautiful sweaters around and especially on the internet, which are knitted in the round. What do you prefer?

With a slightly smaller gauge (26 stitches instead of 28 stitches per 4 inches) I made the large size ending with a size slightly smaller than size L and bigger than size M. The pattern calls for 2.25 mm and 2.75 mm needles, which I don’t have so instead I used 2 mm and 2.5 mm and it turned out to be even better for me.

I particularly like the garter stitch piece on the yoke. I think it has its own intrinsic beauty and furthermore, garter stitch in cotton yarn is a great way to practice your skills in getting an even surface. I’m still not totally happy with mine, though, which means more practice. Bring on some more garter stitch!

There is only one small detail on the finished sweater that I find less charming. Apparently, I avoided exposing this on the photos and I’m not sure if this is only in my version but I think that there’s a little too much fabric just above the arm pit. Anyway, it’s a small detail and overall I’m very satisfied.

Pattern: Jasmine from Nectar

Designer: Kim Hargreaves

Yarn: Rowan 4 ply cotton


Ulli said...

lise, this is beautiful! it looks great on you.
to your question of knitting in the round or flat: i prefer knitting in the round.
1. i hate seaming.
2. i can put it on the recipient anytime and check if i like it or have to change something. you should five it a try.

Birgitte said...

Wauw, den er flot! Og en skøn farve :)

Jeg kan bedst li' at strikke rundt - har de klassiske begrundelser for det: jeg vil helst strikke ret, og jeg gider ikke sy. Jeg synes ikke der plejer at være et problemer med snoede sweatre...

Gudrun Johnston said...

Looks to me like it fits perfectly..great job!
I totally prefer knitting in the round as I also hate to seam and agree with Ulli that it allows one to check the fit as you go. It's very frustrating to seam something together only to discover it doesn't fit as anticipated!

Some people claim that seams give the knitting a necessary structure. This may be true for some designs but honestly I've been very happy so far with sweaters I've made in the round.

Wendolene said...

What an elegant top! I'd say your garter looks quite even.
I would rather knit most things in the round, partially because I have no talent for sewing. After the neverending end-weaving, not to mention the dreaded seams, on my last flat-knit sweater, I'm definitely doing the next one in the round!

Laila: said...

Du kan bare være helt tilfreds med din Jasmine. Den er smuk og anvendelig.

Den er et af de næste projekter som jeg skal i gang med
Nectar er i det hele taget en "fed" bog....

Laila i Schweiz

Anonymous said...

Beautiful. :) The colour suits you really well, too. This makes me want this book even more...!

I'm not sure what I prefer. Knitting flat and in pieces has its merits like a sturdier garment, more design options (like puff sleeves), but knitting round is faster, more fluent, with less ends to weave in, less bind-offs (my edges often look funny) and no risk of botch-job assembling. :)

Karin aka Guin said...

Hej Lise
Den er super-duper flot :) Og den passer jo! Det kan være, man skal tage Rowan med hjem fra England....? Det er helt sikkert hurtigere, end you know who ;)

Lise said...

Thank you all for the comments. I can see that I'll have to try and make an adult's size sweater in the round. It could be for me or for my boyfriend and I think I'll cast on in the very near future. I see no other options than to go for it and make my own experience! Thanks again for your opinions.


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