Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Days in Berlin

Once again, Berlin has been the destination for a small vacation. My boyfriend and I have spent 5 days in one of the best cities I know. Only one museum visit this time; an interesting exhibition of photographs by Alexander Rodchenko, and only one concert; a dub label night in Friedrichshain. The rest of the time was spent wandering around the city, relaxing in cafés, finding good places to eat (a lot of sushi, mmm), having drinks in cozy cafés and bars, simply enjoying. I was a bit sad, though, that the Berlin Philharmonic wasn’t giving any concerts during the summer; however, we knew it before we got there, so it was no surprise. We heard the orchestra last time we visited Berlin and it was just overwhelming. I have to go to the Philharmonie again some time.

Last time we were in Berlin I forgot to visit what I’d heard should be one of the best yarn shops in the city, namely Loops in Prenzlauerberg. Compared to Fadeninsel in Kreuzberg, which was my favorite so far, it was much alike. Loops carries Noro and ghh yarn, which is used in the patterns in Rebecca knitting magazine plus other yarn brands I didn’t recognize. I bought 4 skeins of sock yarn, Jawoll from Lang Yarns; two skeins in red and two in brown. I’ve noticed that especially the German sock yarn brands often have some extra reinforcement yarn in the skein, which is a good thing to use for the heel and the toe of the sock.

If you go to Berlin don’t forget to visit Fadeninsel and Loops!

I knitted on my Monkey socks in the bus to and from Berlin and thanks to my knitting it was actually a really nice trip. 8 and a half hour with knitting and listening to music while watching the landscape roll by. What great occupation knitting is!


Gudrun Johnston said...

That sushi looks very yummy...as does the yarn store! I've never been to Berlin...hopefully one day!

Lise said...

You should go to Berlin. It's a great city. The sushi in photo was not the best, though. We went to another sushi restaurant, which was better. It was just too dark to take some decent photos of the delicious sushi.

Wendolene said...

Yarn and good food... sounds like a perfect vacation to me. I'll add Berlin to my 'cool places I want to visit' list!

HanneC said...

I visited Loops last august and it is a great shop. And so is Berlin we went by train which is highly recommendably and the main-trainstaion in Berlin is awesome.


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