Monday, November 17, 2008

The colorful Kaffe Fassett

Recently, I watched a program on TV about Kaffe Fassett. I've always disliked most of his designs simply because of the, in my opinion, exagerated use of color. Watching the program, though, gave me a better understanding of what he is up to in his work. It is actually really fascinating the way that you can always recognize his designs. He obviously has a special and individual form of expression, a special way of using colors. It is somehow a relief to see a designer use all these colors both in his knitting designs and in the interior arrangement of his home. There are so many minimalist and colorless designs in fashion - so much gray, white and black. The thing is that people sometimes get fascinated by his attitude to color and sometimes they think he is out of fashion. As he says himself: "I come and go", and he is perfectly OK with that. Personally, I'm still not comfortable with the complete contrast to the minimalist trend, which I think Kaffe Fassett stands for, the mixture and combination of colors in his designs, but watching the program did inspire me and made me take up and reconsider my opinion about the use of color in general.

1 comment:

Wendolene said...

What an excellent point. I must admit I often fall into the minimalist category, partially for lack of time to fiddle with lots of colors, but it's always good to explore what's out there.


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