Thursday, October 30, 2008

Still knitting

Silence on the blog doesn't mean there's no knitting going on here at my place. On the contrary I have several wips on the needles, I just can't show all of them here - presents, you know! One wip I can show you, though, is the scarf knitted in Rowan Tapestry.

I want it to be a big and cozy scarf for winter. As I'm knitting it on needles 6 cm (US 10), it shouldn't take very long. Nevertheless, with many projects in the making, it does.

A couple of weeks ago I bought the Fall issue of Vogue Knitting. I really like that magazine. I don't know how to subscribe to it in Europe but I know that a lot of peolpe on Ravelry have been discussing their subscribtion and are somewhat dissatisfied with the delivery. So, as long as I can buy it in a shop, I'll stick to that.

Another magazine is this German one called Verena, never heard of it before. There's lots of great designs in that too - much to my surprise!


Katie M. said...

The scarf looks so cozy already! I had my subscription of VK delivered to Germany last year without problems -- but it was a bit expensive. And I totally agree about the "Verena" magazine -- I hadn't heard of it either and was always (pleasantly) surprised by the loads of nice patterns. But somehow not nice enough for me to tackle a pattern written in German.

Wendolene said...

That definitely looks like a cozy knit! What a beautiful color, too--is it really that delicate lavender in real life?

Mimosa said...

Your scarf is going to be lovely , I'm looking forward to seeing it finished !
You're lucky to find Vogue Knitting easily , here we can't find it in shops .But we have Verena in French and we can find it evreywhere , we're lucky about that .
Have a nice day !


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