Sunday, August 24, 2008


On the occasion of WWKIP Day, I started these socks, Monkey by Cookie A. I continued knitting on the bus to and from Berlin (great city) but haven’t finished them until now. They’re ready to wear and delightfully warm: I’m waiting for colder days.

The yarn is absolutely great and very soft, maybe because of the very small amount of cashmere (6 % isn’t much). Great pattern too. I’d like to try more of Cookie A’s sock patterns. This one was easy to memorize and a quick knit (if you’re steady and unlike me knit other projects in between), so it could be fun to try out a somewhat more challenging pattern of hers. These socks, though, I love.

Pattern: Monkey from Knitty (Winter 2006)

Designer: Cookie A.

Yarn: Gepard Garn Cash-Soft


Karin aka Guin said...

Lovely! :)

Ulli said...

great socks, love the color -pattern combo

Nina said...

Love the color - and congratulations with both the degree and birthday ;) Hope to see you soon at some knitting event ;)

Wendolene said...

Gorgeous socks! They do look cozy.


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